Gilkon FP 7 v3 — MLD

Flat Screen Lift — Mobile Learning Device

Gilkon Mobile FP 7 v3 MLD – Mobile Learning Devicestand 8 IMFP7 v3 – MLD

The FP 7 Mobile Learning Device (MLD) is a new version of the very popular Gilkon FP 7. Fitted to the rear section is a technology equipment mounting area. Installation of a computer is an option on either side of the stand, with a wide range of industry standard attachment points.

Also included in the MLD version is a keyboard holder and mouse holder, which can be mounted on the right or left side.

The Gilkon FP 7 v3 is manufactured in Australia. For your safety, Gilkon has stability tested this product in Australia using N.A.T.A guidelines.

A wall mountable version of the Gilkon FP 7 v3 is also available.

Standard colour is Black.