ODE Series Enclosures for Display Panels

Outdoor enclosures are designed to be used for LCD display panels in outdoor environments. These waterproof enclosures feature impact resistant viewer windows that are specially treated to minimise glare.

Pricing (Ex. GST)

For 42″ Screen – $2387.50
For 46″ Screen – $2626.25
For 50″ Screen – $2865.00
For 55″ Screen – $3142.50
For 65″ Screen – $3661.25
For 70″ Screen – $4393.75

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Permanently fixed to walls or a ceiling post. ODE units are supplied with key locks for theft deterrent. Internal thermostat controlled fans ensure no heat or condensation build-up. Installation is simple – as little as 30 minutes. The Standard Series has custom designed gas struts attached to the front panel, allowing for easy installation and service. Air intake filters are included and if required can be changed quickly. A professional power distribution board is internally installed as a standard item.

To reduce installation labour time, Gilkon designers have introduced a simple but effective two piece cabinet. The base frame is lightweight and very easy to wall mount. Cable access and secure anchor points are easily located using the base frame, the display cabinet then slides into place.

The rear wall frame can be custom manufactured on request with a sealing cover. This is useful where installation is onto an irregular surface such as rough masonry or stone wall. Standard enclosure colour is black.

Anti Reflective Glass

A specialised anti reflective glass is factory fitted to the ODE unit. SCHOTT AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass is made possible by the sol-gel dipping process developed by SCHOTT. The glass is dipped several times in metal oxide solutions. The drying speed determines the thickness of the layer – with the highest precision.

SCHOTT AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass so incredibly durable. The coating is resistant to scratches and chemical attack. AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass can be easily cleaned using commercially available glass cleaners.